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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Oatball Recipe


1 ½ cups Organic Rolled Oats (can substitute with quick oats)

½ cup Organic Fresh Ground Peanut Butter (can substitute with any nut butter)

¼ cup Local Honey (substitutions not recommended, see Maple Oatballs for Vegan alternative)

2 ½ tbsp 100% Cacao Powder

1 tsp Chia Seeds

1 tsp Flax Seeds

½ tsp Coarse Sea Salt


Serving size:

  • 12 oatballs (using a traditional cookie scoop)

*Recommended – great snacking size!

  1. In a medium bowl (preferably one with a lid), lightly mix dry ingredients (oats, seeds, cacao powder, and sea salt) with a sturdy metal spade or wooden spoon. (We use and highly recommend this spade!) Try not to fling dry ingredients out of the bowl (it’s easy to do).
  2. Stir in peanut butter and honey until evenly mixed together.
  3. Refrigerate covered for 10-15 minutes. This step allows for easier scooping.
    • If your bowl does not have a lid, we recommend that you use plastic wrap as your cover.
  4. Immediately, pull oatball mixture from the fridge and begin filling your cookie scoop with the mixture. Pack it tightly with your thumb to create an igloo-type shape, then slowly release the ball from the scoop using the lever.
    • NOTE: You MUST use a cookie scoop with a lever in order to neatly remove the oatball and maintain its shape.
    • Otherwise, you may roll small chunks of the mixture in between your hands, but this is much messier. If using this method, I’ve had success with lightly wetting my hands prior to rolling the mixture, which reduces sticking.
    • ADDITIONAL NOTES: If you refrigerate for longer than 15 minutes, your mixture may dry out. We recommend setting a timer.
  5. Place completed oatballs, as you go, in a storage container or cake pan (with lid).
    • Do not stack oatballs on top of each other, as they will stick and may lose their shape. You may use plastic wrap or parchment paper to create a second layer in your container, if necessary.
  6. For best results, refrigerate completed oatballs, covered, for at least 30 minutes before consuming. This will allow the oatballs to hold their shape and last longer.

Depending on ingredients used, your oatballs can last up to 2 weeks on the counter (in a cool home), or up to 1 month refrigerated in a sealed storage container. These may also be kept in your freezer (in a freezer safe container) for even longer storage.

We recommend keeping them in your refrigerator in a sealed storage container for best results.

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