Start Here

We believe the best way to live a fulfilling life is by striving to be slightly better each day than you were the last. No comparisons to others, but only to ourselves.

John Maxwell has a great quote that we try to remember daily: “consistency compounds”. Small progress leads to big results!

If you incorporate the following into your life, you will find a greater happiness and overall appreciation for this world.

If you are unwilling to seek change and growth, consistently and for your whole life, with an open-mind — you are missing the entire point of living and losing out on the potential that a higher power (be that God or another great being) has bestowed onto you.

And that, my friend, is a great loss. So, try it out – what’s the worst that can happen?


Identify 3-5 core values, which you can use to guide your life. This is also called a “value system” that can be used to direct the choices you make on a daily basis, or something to center your life around.

These can be changed periodically, but it is helpful to select an initial 3-5 values as a starting point then reassess annually (or as needed).

As an example, our value system consists of the following: Love (or Family), Health, Personal Growth, Honesty, and Discipline.


Learn to use critical thinking and ask questions. Channel your inner 3-year-old and ask “why” about everything you see. This cultivates the opportunity to learn daily!

It also helps to hold people accountable – particularly those in power (politicians, business owners, anyone of higher ranking than you).


Shift your thoughts to see value in being wrong, because it leads to learning and growth opportunities.

We all need to “kill our ego” so we can give room for making mistakes and failures in life. This is inevitable, and if you are open to it, you’re far more likely to grow from these “negative” experiences.


Conversation allows for ideas to grow (both good and bad). When you are open to talking with people who have different views and beliefs, you allow for bad ideas to reveal themselves as such and good ideas to be cultivated.

Seek to find common ground with those around you, because it is much easier than you may think! You simply have to be seeking it.


For nearly every health problem you have, there is a natural, healthy solution! It takes time to learn what your specific body needs and what works for you. Everyone is different.

You’ll have a longer, less painful life if you seek natural cures whenever possible. We avoid taking pills/medicine at all costs (within reason), and you should too!