Let me guess, you’re in debt and you’re trying to lower your expenses. You finally caved and decided to cut the cable, but still desire the entertainment of TV?

Below you will find a list of TV alternatives that will provide entertainment for a significantly reduced cost!

Based on this article from Fortune, in 2018 the average monthly cable bill was $107. The annual savings listed below each alternative are based on a calculation using this number. Please adjust using your actual monthly cable bill.

15 Cable TV Alternatives that will Save You Money

Haven’t decided to cut cable yet?

For those who haven’t committed to “cutting the cord”, try this:

Explore this list for ideas that are appealing. Then do a trial run without cable TV for one week to see how you feel, substituting your free time with the above alternatives.

If that goes well, test out a month without cable TV or take the plunge and cancel it now.


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1) The Dailywire

Full-disclosure: this company has a conservative bias in their news reporting and podcasts. They are clear about this on their website, which is refreshing for any news company. If you are off-put by the conservative bias, know that they make the top of this list due to their top-rated (by fans) movie releases which do not include any political bias.

With this subscription, you’ll receive access to the following movies, in addition to several podcasts, documentaries, a comedy show (with Adam Carolla), unbiased sports reporting, and more:

  • Run Hide Fight
  • The Hyperions
  • Shut In
  • Terror on the Prairie (releasing Summer of 2022)

Monthly Cost: $14

Pay Annually: $144 (savings of $24)

Annual Savings: $1,116-1,176

2) Sling TV

For those who aren’t ready to give up Live TV yet, Sling TV is a great alternative! It gives you more freedom to pay for fewer channels (mainly including the channels you actually watch).

No more paying for unwatched channels and wasting money!

Monthly Cost:*Currently offering half off your first month*

  • $17.50 35 (Orange Package)
  • $17.50 35 (Blue Package)
  • $25 50 (Orange and Blue Package)

Annual Savings: $709-881.50

3) YouTube TV

With YouTube TV you get 70+ channels of live television, which makes this a great alternative to traditional cable!

Monthly Cost: $64.99 *Limited time offer of $54.99 for the first 3 months*

Annual Savings: $534.12

4) Netflix

If you like to binge-watch shows and hate waiting each week for new episodes, Netflix is a great alternative. Plus, there are no commercials (for now)!

You likely already know what Netflix has to offer. But just in case, here is what you’ll get:

  • Thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime, and more.
  • Netflix originals (both TV shows and movies).

Monthly Cost: $9.99-19.99

Annual Savings: $1,044.12-1,164.12

5) Amazon Prime

Here are the top features that Amazon Prime has to offer:

  • Free same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery on millions of items.
  • Streaming with Prime Video – Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows (including Amazon Originals).

Click the link above to learn more about what is included with your subscription.

*Get your first month free*

Monthly Cost: $14.99

Pay Annually: $139 (savings of $40.88)

Annual Savings: $1,119.11-1,145

6) The Disney Bundle (Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+)

Save 25% (compared with purchasing each service separately) by purchasing this package including: Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Disney+ offers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.
  • Hulu has an extensive collection of TV shows.
  • ESPN+ is great for sports lovers. Most notably, it hosts all UFC events, thanks to an exclusive contract between Disney and the UFC.

Monthly Cost: $13.99 (with ad-supported Hulu) or $19.99 (with no ads Hulu)

Annual Savings: $1,044.12-1,116.12


Be careful signing up for too many subscription packages. It has become more popular to sign up for multiple at once, which adds up quickly. The point is to lower your cost and apply your savings toward debt payoff or other financial goals.

In order to gain access to multiple services and keep costs down, consider sharing services with a friend or family member. These platforms (Netflix and Amazon, at least) encourage this currently, so it is not stealing. If you each pay for one service and share them between the two (or three) of you, you’ll save money and have more options to watch.

They may start to crack down on this in the future, but for now, take advantage of their kindness.



7) Vudu

Vudu is an online platform where you can rent, buy, and store digital copies of movies and TV shows. The best part is that it’s free to sign up!

Many DVD’s (even some that you may already own) come with a digital copy, which you can store in your Vudu account.

You also get access to hundreds of FREE movies and TV shows. The only catch is that you have to watch advertisements with their free content, but that’s no different than watching movies on cable TV.

Assuming you only purchase one new movie or TV show each month, you’ll save over $1,000 a year. Eventually, you will have accumulated enough content that you won’t need to buy something new every month and you can save even more money.

Monthly Cost: ~$20

Annual Savings: $1,044

8) Watch DVD’s that you already own

I know, this is starting to become “old school”, but I still own about 15 of my all-time favorite movies. Sometimes it’s fun to have a movie night with something you know you’re gonna love!

Monthly Cost: FREE

Annual Savings: $1,284

9) Redbox

If you are in the mood for a new release, Redbox is a great option for low-cost movies. Rent new releases from $1.99+!

Plus, there are free Redbox codes floating all over the internet. With a quick search, you could save even more!

Monthly Cost: $0-20

Annual Savings: $1,044-1,284


10) Read a book

Reading is fun and it can help strengthen your mental health! Most successful people are big readers. Check out this list of great leadership books, recommended by Dave Ramsey.


In an effort to maintain a growth mindset (seeking to learn daily), reading is a great way to constantly learn something new every day.

You can, of course, buy books, but most books are available for free at your public library. This will require patience (waiting for the books you want to check out) and flexibility (checking out other books while you wait).

Monthly Cost: FREE

Annual Savings: $1,284

11) Listen to audio-books

FREE option: You can use your local library’s audiobook app. I think Overdrive is most common across America.

Contact your local library to find out more!

Monthly Cost: FREE

Annual Savings: $1,284

PAID option: Audible

Audible is great because you get to keep the books forever even if you cancel your membership, plus there is no wait time! You also get tons of FREE content, like access to podcasts and 2 Audible Originals each month.

Another great feature of Audible is when they offer books in a 2-for-1 deal, so you can buy 2 books on your wishlist with only one credit (1 credit = 1 book).

Monthly Cost: *Your first month is free*

  • $14.95, receive 1 credit each month
    • Pay Annually $149.50, receive 12 credits immediately (savings of $29.90)
  • $22.95, receive 2 credits each month
    • Pay Annually $229.50, receive 24 credits immediately (savings of $45.90)

Annual Savings: $1,008.60-1,134.50

12) Listen to or watch Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn and build a growth mindset, especially if you are always on-the-go! You can listen to podcasts during your commute to work, while you’re cooking, while you clean your home, while you exercise, etc.

You can also watch most podcasts and get the full experience.

Here is a list of places you can find podcasts:

  • Rumble
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts

Monthly Cost: FREE

Annual Savings: $1,284

13) Take a Walk

Explore | Take A Walk | Outdoors

Get some exercise and spend time with a friend, your significant other, or a family member.

My husband and I have some of our best conversations while on walks. We talk about any problems we’re having, our dreams, our hobbies, our businesses, and more! We even brainstorm ideas together to help improve many areas of our lives.

Monthly Cost: FREE

Annual Savings: $1,284

14) Play games

Board games, card games, individual games, the options are endless.

You can play games to bring the family together and enjoy each other’s company. Or you can play strategy and intellectual games to exercise your brain. Games have all kinds of mental and physical benefits.

Sudoku puzzles are always a fun stress reliever for me!

Maybe you are more athletic and want to play sports. Get your friends together and plan a game of soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, etc. You could even join a league and play weekly!

Monthly Cost: FREE – $20

Annual Savings: $1,044-1,284

15) Create Art

Making canvas art using your favorite quotes can be a thoughtful gift or they can be used as inspiration throughout your home.

You could also paint, draw, sculpt, film videos, take photos, etc. The options for creating art are limitless!

Not an artist? Buy an adult coloring book! They are super fun and easy to color.

Monthly Cost: VARIES

Annual Savings: VARIES (upwards of $1,284)

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